Meet the Maker

I’ve been creating things for as long as I can remember. From my early years doing crafts in scouts, playing in bands, to thriving in print and design classes, I’ve always been a fan of making things you can hold in your hands. I admire quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and — most importantly — that feeling of having something truly well-made.

My name is Mike Forbush and I’m the guy who does all of the stuff 

As for my foray into leather craft … in 2013, I realized it was time for a new wallet. After some not-so-thorough research and a bit of reckless optimism, I determined it would be cheaper for me to buy some leather working tools and supplies to make my own wallet. I was very wrong about the cost savings, but after a couple really bad wallets, I fell in love with the craft. I continued my adventure making belts, key clips, purses, wallets, and other wares for friends and family at obscenely low prices.

After years of crafting as a hobby, a move from Michigan to Washington sparked a flame that caused me to forge onward with the craft, creating a company to offer quality goods at reasonable prices.

Thus, the birth of Scout & Pine; a one-stop shop for ready-to-ship leather goods and accessories.