About Us

The goal here at Scout & Pine is to provide quality handcrafted goods at attainable prices.

In a market saturated with overpriced, mass-produced, “genuine” leather, we utilize old-world techniques to create lasting leather goods and accessories. You shouldn’t have to replace your wallets and belts every 6 months; these are items that should last. Better yet — they should improve with age. That is what we do.

Every single item we make is intended with its future in mind. A future where your goods will tell a story of where they’ve been with you. Every scuff, scratch, stain, and scar will reflect the adventures you’ve taken with your goods. Every item will take on a unique patina as it’s worn and used. From the day you receive your Scout & Pine product, you begin your journey of making it all your own.

Unlike box-store wallets and belts, which tend to separate and crack over time, we use only full-grain leather, meaning our material hasn’t been touched up or “corrected”, and there is no cardboard stitched between thin layers of leather. It will exhibit marks, pores, scratches, and everything between, because it’s honest, true leather.

We create our products using only the highest-quality leather, often from Horween and Hermann Oak. Both of which are among America’s oldest tanneries, having been making leather for over 100 years each. Most items are cut by hand, then hand-stitched using a saddle stitch, which is well-regarded as the best way to stitch leather. The saddle stitch is significantly stronger and more durable than the lock-stitch created by sewing machines, which ensures our products will last for decades to come.

Scout & Pine has a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, in both our products and service. Take a look around the store, we think you’ll find something you like.